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Welcome to our Piano Lesson Book Library… beginner edition!

*Parents/Students: If you were sent here by your piano teacher, use the table of contents to jump to the series they told you to purchase!*

Choosing lesson books for your students can be difficult. Each student is so unique in their strengths, abilities, and needs, it can be overwhelming trying to pick the best piano course for them.

So here you will find the beginner piano lesson books with which we have found the most success with our beginning piano students of all ages. Plus, you’ll find a few “enrichment” books that our students have found quite fun.

So teachers: after you evaluate their skills and needs at their first piano lesson, send your students (or their parents) the links to the series you want them to use – they are all found on Amazon!

Want our 15-minute intro Piano lesson plan?

Well, you’re in luck! I am going to give it to you – absolutely free.

For Kids

Alfred Piano Lesson Books

Beginner Piano Lesson Book Library 1

This book series is my personal favorite piano course for beginners Each level has tons of different books you can purchase, from theory to technique exercises to hymns to recital books, and each is designed to work in junction with the others.

Its cute cartoons and fun songs are perfect for younger children – they make it accessible and relevant to children as young as 4 or 5.

Faber Piano Adventures

Beginner Piano Lesson Book Library 2

While still geared towards children, Faber offers an approach not so “kiddy” – concepts are clearly laid out and explained, but there are no colorful cartoon characters to keep childrens’ interest, and the repertoire is a little bit more “mature.”

Faber Piano Adventures are great for any kid who might feel like cartoons and cutesy songs are “too young” for them.

John Thompson’s Easiest Piano Course

Beginner Piano Lesson Book Library 3

These books are, as advertised, the easiest piano course out there. Cute characters walk the student (and teacher) through every step of the learning process. It is an all-in-one piano, theory, technique, sight reading (and everything else) course. It is definitely geared towards younger students.

If you teach another instrument and are looking to expand your student base to include a few young, very-beginner piano students, this is definitely the book series for you.

Plus, it is by far the most inexpensive piano course for children – and all aspects of the learning process are included in the one book

For Adults

Alfred’s Basic All-In-One Piano Course for Adults

Beginner Piano Lesson Book Library 4

Just like my books of choice for my young piano students, Alfred’s piano books are a favorite for my adult piano students as well. This particular series does come in an “all-in-one” course, with theory and technique exercises right next to the main course material.

The fact that it is just one volume and no separate books to shuffle is a huge draw for me and my students. On top of that, it covers both pop and classical piano, teaching chords and chord charts alongside reading the staff.

You do have the option to purchase the books separately as well.

Adult Piano Adventures

Beginner Piano Lesson Book Library 5

Another great choice with some unique bonuses, the Adult Piano Adventures is also an all-in-one course, with theory, technique, and repertoire wrapped up in the same lesson book. Plus, the student can download the piano adventures app to access accompaniment tracks customizable by speed, so they can practice with accompaniment at home!

They also have additional repertoire books you can purchase for each level, with themes such as pop hits, classics, and Christmas.

John Thompson’s Adult Piano Course

Beginner Piano Lesson Book Library 6

This book is excellent for adults who have had a little bit of experience in piano, or who are up for a faster-paced course. It allows for quicker progression than other adult piano books, provided the work is put in. Repertoire includes classical pieces, folk songs, and some original compositions that highlight and demonstrate the theory and techniques discussed in the lessons. The student also gets access to practice and accompaniment tracks online.

He also has a course titled “John Thompson’s Modern Course for the Piano” that teaches students to play musically – recognizing patterns and playing with feeling rather than “just the notes” – that works great in conjunction with this one!

Additional Enrichment Books

Suzuki Piano School

Beginner Piano Lesson Book Library 7

This book is great for beginners who have already started playing with both hands and who have shown interest in classical pieces. Classic folk melodies and easy classical pieces are included in this anthology, and finger numbers are used to help the student with their fingering. You can find volumes one and two on amazon, or access them with a scribd membership.

Note: most of the easiest pieces are a Right hand melody with arpeggiated chords in the left hand.

Super Easy Songbook: Disney

Beginner Piano Lesson Book Library 8

This super easy, super fun songbook is a great way to add some fun to your lessons! It features over 50 classics from all of the Disney movies from Snow White to Frozen. Some of the melodies are simplified, to make them more accessible to younger or newer students. It also features the accompaniment chords, so as the student progresses, you can add a left hand accompaniment in – or the student and teacher can play together!

Super Easy Songbook: Hit Songs

Beginner Piano Lesson Book Library 9

Just like their Disney book, this book features over 50 songs with simple (or simplified) melodies and accompaniment chords. It features hit songs such as “I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz and “Thinking Out Loud” by Ed Sheeran.

Teachers: Don’t see a book on here that should be? Shoot us an Email and let us know so we can add it to the list!

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